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Restrictions are in place allowing a total of 100 people to attend a funeral service. Adhering to the 4sq. metre rule 12 people are allowed in the West chapel and 25 people in the South chapel, with the remaining attendees outside with 4sq. metre social distancing. 

Funeral Gatherings

If you are attending a burial, grave side or ash placement service, 100 attendees are allowed with 4sq. metre social distancing.

Live Streaming

During this difficult period, Live Streaming can be added to your funeral service at no charge.


In the interest of public health and SMCNSW staff, for all new appointments and confirmation of existing bookings please contact us via phone on 02 9545 4677 or email.

Mandatory Digital Attendee Check-In

The NSW government has announced from Monday, 23 November 2020, the recording of customer information by using digital means e.g. QR codes, will be mandatory in NSW for funerals, memorial services and after service functions. Guests attending these events at any of our sites will be required to use their mobile phone to check in using our QR code which is on  display at our offices, chapels and condolence lounge facilities. Attendees without a mobile phone will be asked to record their contact details on a attendance register provided at the event by SMCNSW. In order to avoid unnecessary delays at the time of service, we would kindly ask Funeral Directors and families to inform attendees in advance of this check in requirement.

Customer Conduct

We understand that your reasons for engaging with us are because you are dealing with grief and need to make arrangements that you might find stressful and difficult.

Our team is here to help.

Please treat our team with courtesy and respect.

Aggressive and abusive language and behaviour will not be tolerated.

Our staff have the right to refuse to assist you if you are abusive or threatening.

It is a condition of entry onto SMCNSW premises that you behave with consideration to staff, as they behave with consideration for you.