Virtual Memorialisation

Woronora has partnered with the largest virtual memorial provider in Australia, Heaven Address. The virtual memorial service is a complimentary service to those who have family in Woronora's care.

Relatives and contributing friends may create something which will remind all generations of those who have gone before us.

What do I really know of my father's father, or my mother's mum? Was my great grandfather a blacksmith, a carpenter... what did he do, what was his history? Tomorrow's generation will ask the same questions, and provided a virtual memorial has been properly structured and set up, such knowledge will be something available.

The virtual memorial complements the physical memorial just as a visit to a place is better than simply seeing it electronically. The virtual sets the scene for those who cannot always attend the grave or cremation spot, and fosters discussion and decisions by families on a holistic perspective of what is and the need for, a memorial. The virtual memorial will undoubtedly draw even those far away to visit our cemetery to pay their respects at the final resting place.


  • Cedar Lawn


    A quiet, restful place, overlooking the natural bushland, protected by an elegant sandstone wall.

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  • Karinya Gardens


    A beautiful resting place for children, beneath towering gums and sprinkled with sweet flowerbeds.

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  • Rose Garden


    One of the greatest symbols of love and remembrance, magnificent roses are everywhere.

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  • Stations of the Cross

    Stations of
    the cross

    A place of deep spiritual significance and one of the most important devotions of the Catholic faith.

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  • Tranquil Gardens


    Deep within Woronora’s grounds, with native garden borders and gentle water feature.

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  • Gardens of Pieta

    Gardens of
    The Pieta

    A world class resting place… a masterpiece of grace and beauty.

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  • Serenity Walk


    Native and tropical flora forms a lush, calming backdrop for reflection.

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  • Wollemi Lawn


    Overlooking natural bushland, Australia’s ancient Wollemi Pines frame this charming space.

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  • Centenary Court


    An elegant structure, offering wonderful vistas from every direction.

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  • Garden of Angels

    Garden of

    Fragrant white roses, azaleas and gardenias frame this simple and elegant spot.

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